Welcome to our Fun Pics page!  

We will add photos here on a regular basis, silly pics, fun pics and just plain, we love our dogs pics!  Stop by often!

Use the drop down menu under the 'Fun Pics' button  to select the photo gallerey of our current (year) and past photos - 2010, 2009, etc.

Each group of photos on a page is a separate Photo Gallery, e.g.  Christmas Cheer, Fall Fun. You may select a specific gallery to view the photos, or start with the first photo in the first gallery and go through all pictures on that page at once.

HOW TO VIEW THE GALLERY:  For a larger photo view and to scroll through the gallery, select a thumbnail.  The photo will open in full screen. Cursor over the upper corners, and use the 'next' & 'back'  options to move forward/back within the photo gallery.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit with our dogs!