Can. Ch. White Cliff's Perfect Harmony, TT, HIC, RN

Group placing
16xBOB, 26xBOS
BOS Rottweiler Club of Canada Booster, Moncton, NB, May 2006
BOS Rottweiler Club of Canada Booster, Fredericton, NB July 2006
Awarded Dan MacMullin Memorial plaque - Best of Breed, CBKC, Glace Bay, NS August 2006
Awarded Top Conformation Dog 2005, Glooscap Kennel Club

DOB: January 21, 2004


Status: Spayed female
Carley is our oldest female and half-sibling to Baron. She bounced into our lives when Baron was just 6 months old, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Carley is Dale's special girl, affectionately called 'my big girl'. Carley's 2 favorite things in life are giving lots of Carley 'kisses' and having her hind feet massaged! Dale has often said if Carley had been our first Rottweiler, she may have been our last.  Stubborn and willful, she tested our patience. Perseverance paid off however, and today Carley is an exceptionally obedient girl, and a joy to work with. Carley has a real spark about her - a 'look at me' attitude. Dale has worked with Carley in agility to the intermediate level, tracking, drafting, Schutzhund and Rally obedience.  In addition to her conformation title, Carley has obtained her Herding Instinct Certificate and her Rally Novice title. At the Herding Instinct test the instructor said Carley had a natural ability and showed great promise. What a joy to see her natural instinct kick in as she herded the sheep. Carley is our only spayed girl, sadly she did not fit into our breeding program. She and Dale are currently training for their Rally Advanced title. They will continue to work together in other venues, and if they reach the competition stage that would be wonderful, but if not they will have a lot of fun together along the way.


Carley's critique from Canine Federation of Canada Show.

Rottweiler Specialty, CFC Show, Oromocto, NB, 2006. Judge Christiane Lefay (France) Translated from French.
Two year old. Tall, within standard. Long coupled. Harmonious anglations. Slightly narrow in chest. Good topline. Prefer less length of leg. Powerful neck - good proportions. Head in harmony with overall. Slightly fine. Prefer skull slightly larger, and ear set slightly higher and better carried. Correct stop. Nose of good length, slightly fine. Complete scissor bite. Wavy coat. Moves well.

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