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We hope you enjoy your visit to Eisenberg Rottweilers.

For several years my husband, John, and I talked about owning a dog. We looked at several breeds, returning time and time again to the Rottweiler. Owning a dog, we decided, would be something to do when we retired. Happily we didn't wait until retirement, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our first Rottweiler, Baron, came to us in 2003. Little did we know the changes our lives would undergo as we held that wiggly little puppy in our arms! Encouraged by our breeder, Baron entered his first conformation show at 9 months old. We were hooked! Six months later, Carley, his half-sister, entered our lives. While Baron quickly became a 'daddy's boy', Carley is definitely 'momma's girl'. We've come a long way since then, adding 2 more girls, Jade and Raven. If someone had told us in 2003, that someday we would own 4 Rottweilers, I would have called them crazy! We are very proud and feel privileged to share our lives with such wonderful companions and exemplary ambassadors for the breed. We have many friends to thank for helping us along the way, especially those breeders who entrusted their puppies to us, and to them we will be forever thankful.

Because of the great versatility of the Rottweiler, we currently compete in conformation, rally obedience, herding instinct, Canine Good Neighbour & Temperament Testing. We also enjoy agility, drafting, tracking, Schutzhund and obedience, and look forward to competing in some of these other venues.

At Eisenberg Rottweilers we strive to breed healthy, well-balanced dogs that will fit into today's society by only breeding those dogs with health certifications for eyes (CERF), cardiac, hip and elbows. We will add other certifications as they become available to maintain genetically sound and healthy dogs with stable temperaments. A well bred Rottweiler should be able to compete in any venue while still remaining an ever devoted companion at home.

First and foremost, it is our goal for each Eisenberg puppy to find that loving, caring home which will provide the right environment to bring out the best in that puppy. Each puppy owner automatically becomes a member of our family.

Please visit often as we will update our individual dogs' pages on a regular basis. Check our 'News' page to keep up-to-date on the latest Eisenberg news.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our dogs or are interested in an Eisenberg puppy.

Dale & John

Dale MacMillan & John Ring
Eisenberg Rottweilers
Nova Scotia, Canada